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Once you're there, you should definitely book into a car hire in Lebanon and take a day trip up to the Great Rift Valley to experience some amazing photography opportunities.

The Lebanese Pass, also known as Lebanon MOPH Pass, is one of the most popular international routes for exploring Lebanon. It's well-known for being an unforgettable route and gives you a breathtaking view of this fascinating ancient civilization. In addition, it also offers you an opportunity to get a great holiday break which is neither only relaxing but also extremely enjoyable. The country is absolutely beautiful and offers everything from the wildest deserts to the lively beaches. Regardless of your interests, the Lebanese Pass will serve as a must-see destination in this part of the world.

This is among the most popular routes for all visitors to explore the fascinating country of Lebanon. This is because the car hire from Beirut transfers you right into the heart of the country where you can take in all that this important cultural centre has to offer. The best thing about exploring the Lebanese Pass by renting a car is the freedom to go where you want to. This means you can drive to the old town or down to the beach. You only need to decide how long you want to stay. Then you can drive around the area and enjoy all this beautiful country has to offer.

This is also a great way to see the magnificent Pyramids of Giza without having to rent a car. You can start by visiting the Quseir area where you can walk to the edge of the cliff and look down at the Pyramids from a distance. This is a particularly popular activity during the summer months when there are many tourists that come to visit the area. You can also see the Pyramids from the comfort of your car rental.

To get to the town of Sayulita you need to travel to the Maronite Mountains where you'll get a beautiful view over the Pyramids from the highway. Once you reach the resort town you'll find that there are plenty of activities happening. You can go trekking up to the Dolomites, just north of Sayulita. Other than the trekking you can also take a ride along the beach and explore the sights that this amazing resort town has to offer. There's also plenty to do in terms of water activities. The waters are lined with beautifully manicured gardens and villas and you'll be able to swim for free as long as you want.

You might consider renting a car in Lebanon to enjoy driving pleasure and to see the Dinar el Bahri region. The landscape is stunning and you'll be able to take a boat ride to the top of Mount Lebanon where you can admire the crystal waters and mountains that make up the country. The Dinar el Bahri area is home to a beautiful seaside resort town known as Sidra which is a popular holiday hotspot for visitors. You should book a car rental in Lebanon once you have arrived. This will allow you to take a day trip to the Great Rift Valley for some incredible photography opportunities.

Rent a four-wheeler and drive southwest from Sayulita towards Pelayous Mountains for an even more spectacular drive. You'll find Zafar, a charming town halfway between Sayulita's and the Pelayous. This quaint mountain community is home to both modern and rustic architecture that you'll be able to admire. You'll be surrounded by one of the most beautiful and diverse cities in Lebanon once you're done driving. This hotel is a great place to stay. When you are ready to return to your car rental in Lebanon, you can simply find Sidra.


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